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Warri, Nigeria
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Well I am a an African man of adventure, intelligent, successful,

strong, sexy, funny, happy, healthy, (single at the moment), clean,

good looking a bit athletic and a nice body shape Most of all Hard

Working Coz i believe in self dependence.I enjoy catching fun on my

free time when am less busy,though my job is time consuming but i like

my job bcos it keeps me engage all the time swimming is one lovely

game i love so much hence it involves staying around the beach having a

good time I'm a 27 year old black gentleman from Warri, NG. I consider

my appearance to be good looking. I am 5.5 tall with an average build.

I have black hair, Black eyes and a fair complexion. any way i don't

think i will be able to say all that i am here well interested friends

can write me.chrisngr@yahoo.com

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