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I am Veronica,a christian and a down to earth lady..Extremely shy, a bit dorky but fun. I read a lot and watch a lot of movies. I enjoy cooking and i loves to meet people and believe happiness can be achieved and not be bought.I am single and love to meet some who is real and affectionate and sensitive to a woman feels.
I am into NGO Non governmental organization,like doctors across boarders.
My hobbies include dancing ballet, swimming.
I love hanging out at the beach. My favorite country is to visits the us.
I enjoy dancing. I am very interested in studying more about humanity and I also like to learn new things about the easy ways to show care and love to people around me. My favorite type of animal is a cat,i would love to have a dog some day.
I am fun to be with and i enjoy sitting at the garden and the edge of the beach.I don't drink or smoke.My best color is brown,white and green..I hope you can share yours with me and know where this leads

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