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Women how wonderful they are! It is true that any woman would like to get up in the morning and find lots of white roses covering her bed. I guess this is the reason why people all over the world try to find their second half. Love is a very nice feeling that any person deserves to have at least one time in their life. There are things that I value most of all in my life. For it is to have beautiful home, to raise children, to have the time to be the best mother and wife I can be. It is also important to have the time and desire to travel a lot and see the beautiful places in the world. I believe in destiny and in my dreams. What I am looking for is truly love. To tell you the truth, I am looking for more than a husband. I am looking for a best friend, unconditional love. I do not ever want to consider life without my future mate because I do not ever want to be divorced. I believe that building a relationship is something that two people need to learn and work at.! Sometimes I just dream of being able to lie awake in the dark in the middle of the night for hours just talking about everything or sitting in the park on the grass or on sand by the ocean. During the day we will lose track of time talking about anything and everything. Nobody will be allowed to interrupt us no matter how important they think their little problem is. Most of all, we all always be there for each other when the other needs support. We will fly off on whims to try new experiences and see new things. As you see, I think that romance is very important in any relationship. Do you agree? Marriage for me it is love, tenderness, understanding, sincerity and trusting desire to share and bear each others souls to one another without any fear. And only in this manner people can grow and become close. I believe that is what people truly wish for one another. What do you think? Would you please share your thoughts with me? I am an economist and like my profession. I am a very kind woman with lots of interests. I like winter very much, it is my favorite season. You know I am looking for a man who will love and care about me. I want him to be strong and sincere. Family values are very important for me and I dream about the relationships that will last forever.I am a kind and sociable, tender and gentle, sincere and honest, feminine and romantic woman. I am a family-oriented woman with lots of dreams and goals. I consider myself to be a sweet girl. I like to communicate with other people. For me it is very interesting to know and experience new things in life. At the same time, I am a calm and romantic person. I am open-mined and easy-going person with a good sense of humor.

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