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My real name is Susan Smith i was born i Usa Texas but i
was brought up in united kingdom when am 15 years old my daddy brought me back
to the state in Florida after two years my daddy died and mother is the taking
good care of me before i finish and graduate since than i start to buy and sell
electronics and travel to some countries to sell for them.........i am single
and searching for that special person im a fun loving person easy going nature
honest and committed in whatever that keeps me engaged i enjoy good
music laugh sight seeing and hanging out i love family and i enjoy life am
caring affectionate and love to spend my time helping others and making them
smile am a woman that is in need of real and perfect love you might think thats
too much to ask
for in a relationship but i don't think so because i have
been there even though i got hurt in the process of learning to love and be
loved and i know what i want and what am ready to give and sacrifice in a
relationship so i think it is only right i know what to expect from some good
man for me

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