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I am a lover of life and believe that it is the simple pleasures that will make us happy, the freshness after a summer rainstorm, the first snowfall of winter, laughter of children, falling in love. lazy sundaes laying bed reading or exploring someplace you have never been before. Wishing on stars. Truly being thankful for the gifts given to us daily to enjoy. I am looking for a man to share those gifts and joys with. I am caring and loving, enjoy music, feel good movies, travel, moonlight swims or walks, I am comfortable with who I am and live a life that is simple and free and prefer to keep it that way. I am looking for a man that can be strong, And that is ready to love me with all is heart and gentle, a man that is ready to work thing out with his woman someone who can walk the talk and follows thou with what he says he is going to do. Someone who loves to laugh,positive in nature, and can go with the flow of life. Being a gentleman, passionate and romantic is second nature.

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