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About me, I am 19, passed out in college in west africa.I think it's time to start looking for that special someone ,I forgot I was supposed to describe myself... okay well judge for yourself, honestly I don't like tooting my own horn lol. I consider myself very kind, compassion being a big deal to me... I do have a great sense of humor... like, Monty Python style humor , and at least 'want' to be intelligent, i'm always reading books I am not too much of a party animal, though I do like to have a few drinks sometimes with a few friends or by myself lol. For fun I like the outdoors, fencing, football, anime, camping, hiking, biking, playing basketball, playing pool, bowling, playing video games, watching movies, and really anything else that is fun, i'm open to new things .There is other stuff, as well as some deep dark secrets that you can find out about later

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