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About my life and what I'm looking for
Unique man with extraordinary taste. Passionate and playful, I love beauty in all it's forms. I'm loving, generous, witty, funny, charming yet honest and
direct! I'm very sensual and sophisticated yet can be crude at just the right moment! I am spiritual, vegetarian, healthy - no drugs or smoking, yet love to
have fun. I'm a romantic who loves music, dancing, art, movies, nature, the ocean, the outdoors, traveling, good food, fine wine, and of course, a cuddly
movie by the fire. I love kids, am perfectly capable of acting like one, and have an East Coast sense of humor. I've been told I look younger than I am and
believe myself to be better than average looking.
I'm emotionally mature, passionate about personal growth and am a caring, connected person. I own my own business and strive to make a difference in the
Essentially, I'm still a counter-culture kid at heart. I'd rather do something than protest, however. I have a huge heart and my sadness is that there is no
one special person with which to share my many gifts. At this point in my life I've concluded that the solutions to the world's problems lies within each of
us, and not through some political process. I'm coming to terms with the fact that within this material world of duality, paradox is my constant companion,
and the only solace is Love, and Service to Spirit.
My Ideal Person:
In an ideal world, I'm with a beautiful (inside and out), loving, sexy, sensual, spiritual, and passionate woman... the whole enchilada! You have a well
developed sense of humor and there's lots of chemistry between us! Fun for the moment, serious later. Things could get serious if you were spiritually
oriented, (or at least inclined), open minded, authentic and honest, soft, and caring. Someone who is open to the idea of personal growth and whose heart is
wide open to mine. (The paradox is to do that, you must love who you are already.)
If you have not uploaded a photo of yourself, please wait until you do to contact me. Thanks

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