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Probably, in the last life I was the big black cat, as the panther. And now I am the domestic kitty: tender, gentle, playful, soft and cony. I have a quiet, well-balanced, not disputed character. But, if I don't like something or somebody " steps on my tail ", I can let out my disguise. Optimism, goodwill, love to life help me to feel and look more youngish. Sensuality, romanticism, sentimentality are very harmoniously combined in my personality with practicality and judiciousness. I can be strict and exacting with colleagues on work and be like Scheherazade from a fairy tale " One thousand and one nights " with my beloved man. When I have a free time I communicate with pleasure with friends, but also the loneliness does not weigh me. I love heat, a home cosines, cleanliness and the order. For me the stability and the definiteness in life, reality and regularity are very important.

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