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Let me start by telling you about me , I am charlene ann
oesterling, I was born in Michigan , While i was raised in
Florida, My mum is a trader ,and also a
NigeriaN and she based there , I went to phoenix university
, And i came up with MBA degree in banking and finance , After a
few month when i lost my dad , my mum called me to come
to visit her , which is Nigeria, and i
obey her , so far she is the one that give birth to me,i love my mother so much and my father alot , On the 23rd of november 2005, was a
great bad day for me that i will never forget , My mum was on a business trip
here in nigeria and she was engaged in a car accident,and unfortunately for her she loose her life through this she was burnt to unrecognition
, and thats how i lost my dearest mother , I dont
have father and mum again, Im all alone , Where i was living with my mother before she died
, the agent sent me out of the house ,because i can no longer pay for the house bill again and he wanted to help me by asking me to be going on bed five times in everyday with him that he will not ask me for any house bill again,
,i refused because my bible did not taech me all this to survive i became hopeless, and there is a 7 acres of land document with
me which my mum will for me before she died , i just keep
managing myself, I look for a job , on my field so far as i am a graduate
, in my field as well, i went to the bank and
some insurrance companies, some poeple are telling me that there were
no vacancy , while others are asking me to have sex with the manager
before i can be applied, I vow and cried that i would never do that in my
life, im just trying to get a job so i can be back to america and
start a new life, i got a job where they do laundry , they allow me to stay
there when i narated everything that happened to me , And they are paying
me $50 monthly, though it dosent pays me but nigeria is a very poor country
that they kill most white and they dont like us for no reason, I dont
feel free to walk as i want and im really going through some hard time here , I am
really looking for a serious man to go along with and get married to
him ,I wish to hear back from you , and ask me anything u care to
know about me and something u like me to know about you, I am so damn
serious about what i am saying. im looking forward to meet a serious man ,
honest man , and understanding man , who is reliable and ready to be
my husband.
care to hear from you soon.
charlene care

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