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Morrison, United States
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I should tell you that I'm a professional tour guide. Being
a tour guide I'm constantly traveling, which leaves no
opportunity for a traditional relationship. I would like to
have someone to spend some intimate time with when I'm in
town. Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy going out for a nice
evening, having a nice dinner, a movie, orchestra, etc. Maybe we could meet someplace
for dinner and we could see if we click. As for myself,
I'm 6' 230lbs big stocky scotsman build with a few extra
pounds. Unfortunatly I can't afford a full membership to
this site so contact me at also have the same plenty of
fish's website. These are the best ways of getting in
contact with me. My AIM screen name is mtnphotoman2. IM MSN
,Yahoo is Mtnphotoman. If I don't respond to you here don't
be mad!

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