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Over the years I have been described by friends and
acquaintances as fundamentally sincere, with a large
capacity for kindness and generosity, believing deeply
that life has meaning only when you care for others more
than for yourself. Qualities that I value include
thoughtfulness, honesty and directness, along with
spontaneity and an appreciation for the lighter sides of
life. I can often be playful and silly, as well as serious. My
interests include spending time with family and close
friends, working out, listening to music (largely classical
and 60's/70's rock), reading, dining out, movies, etc.
Chemistry is important to me, but I also very much
believe in my ability to grow a deeper love for the inner
values that people must work hard to develop. And so,
traits such as genuineness, tenderness, integrity and
faithfulness, along with a capacity to stick with your
partner through both good and bad times, are attributes
that I have learned to cherish.

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