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First, let me say this, if you are outside the US please dont write or send me any flurts... I'm not going to respond to them... But if you live in the US please, feel free... Ok now that I've got that off my chest I'll just say

I'm a hard worker and sometimes my work takes me away from home a couple of weeks at a time I feel Im sensitive to others feelings and sometimes give more to that then some might deserve however, I think thats a good quality that I'd like to hold on to. I feel that women should be respected in the business world as well as their home life. Which Ive no problem doing. I believe a woman is to be walked next to and not in front of (holding a door open can go a long way) I'm the type that will send flowers because I have her on my mind. I Have a good ear to lend when she needs someone to just hear what she has to say (I understand that sometime people dont need to get a solution but need to be heard) and having a personality when she wants to be silly. I have learned from past relationships that a friend will last a lifetime but if you dont have that friendship going for you then you have nothing. Who wants to talk to someone that doesn't care? I don't, and if you believe in love with friendship then send me a line

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