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My name's Lennon C i ma 50years old. I live in Benson in North Carolina. I am an emotional,caring and loving person that's not infatuated in woman but want the true love that she has towards me ....I work with a Voluntary organization who is in collaboration with UNICEF, WHO U SAID and a lot of Organization who render hopes and fund and other materials things for people that are not having any subconscious of hope anymore because the poverty level is really hard in there country and states wherever they might be in the whole wide world. And I'm a Volunteer as well because i believe in Humanitarian services and helping people, and that involves me traveling to less privilege country in helping them.I have a son who is 19 years old He's living with me right now. I hope to meet that person on here and that's why my friend invited me to joined this site. I hope to meet someone who will truly love me for who i am and will love to take care of our kids and me as well.

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