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i consider myself to be a low maintinance lady, thoughtful, caring,
understanding, lovable, about myself, im single and never been married and dont
have kids yet, but.. i would like to have some from the right person. guy's if
you are here only for playing games, or if you are a guy who is not contented
with one woman, and can't be alone at home and i can't trust with... pls dont
bother me, i've been hurt before and i dont want it happen to me again... i am
here seriously to find a guy for me who would accept me for being who and what i
am, i have lots of love to give for the right person, but he should be honest,
and always telling me truth as i do to him... i am opened for everything and i
expect the same from him... so will you be ready for me??????? i hope
so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muahhhhhh lots of kisses and hugs!

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