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I will tell a bit about me. I will begin in saying I am a single woman with a son Harris, He is 7 years old and He is my first priority!!! I work as Hair Stylist and I love it. Love taking care of people especially the elderly LOL ....I will tell you this about me and its not to be mean but to be honest!!! I do not want to chat with a man who is a liar, cheater or scammer (meaning wanting money from ladies) Been here and heard it all and I am not a fool. The men who have asked me for money I deleted and blocked!!! So if this is what you want please move on!!!
I am looking for honest, caring, hard working man who thinks of a relationship being 50/50!! I want someone who is not into games but ready to commit to one man and only one! I want someone who is romantic, likes to show affection and will want to start a fresh start with someone. I want someone who can carry a conversation and when we have a disagreement, we can communicate and settle it by talking and not yelling at each other!!! I want to find my best friend and lover, someone who is simple and genuine like me!!!

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