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In all the glory of knowing so many people who have found love I am at a loss as to where I will find mine I am speaking about a loving wife I am too intense for most women and do not know how not to be They often compare their selves to me and feel as if they are falling short in some way The reality is I somehow make them feel intimidated It is not as if I am purposely doing this to them Besides I am only guessing as to the reasons based upon what little feedback I have obtained from family and friends I am for the most part a very direct communicator and see no value in playing mind games To me any type of fake conversation is a mind game If I am interested in a woman I tell her so just as if I am not interested I tell her so There is no middle ground for me when it comes to communicating what I feel think or claim to know I am psychically gifted This causes me to know more about the woman before even attempting to get close to her This also gets in the way of what I would have hoped to be a potential relationship Then there is my emotional intensity Perhaps this comes from being a Concert Pianist/Professional musician/Composer I am not interested in small talk when a direct phrase better expresses the thought feeling and or desire So far the women I have met are not understanding of this In fact I have met more insecure women who look like women carry the age of a woman yet act as if they are an insecure girl trapped inside a woman’s body I do not want to enter a relationship to play hero counselor or some other Mr fix it role My fantasy has always been to find a woman secure enough in herself to say what she actually feels thinks desires Wants longs for and or even dreams about Yet humble enough to allow me to be the head of the relationship and household I have been coming to the conclusion that either no such woman exists or I am not placing myself in the right locations to find her Either way I am still at a loss on not knowing the answer to this grave dilemma that bothers me So in essence I think I would ask Where do I go to find the woman to be my loving wife that I have been not only imagining also seeking Then again this section is not for asking questions since I am supposed to say something about myself Well there ya have it

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