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I'm now single after 28yrs.,i'm an open person honest, fair ,loving and faithful 2 the one that deserves it.Always looking 2 meet new friends and lovers. I love 2 have fun and joke around,life is 2 short not 2 enjoy. I guess im kind of a romantic, i enjoy showing passion,holding hands,showing pubic affection,dancing til dawn,or just staying at home and cuddling with that special lady watching a movie and candle lite evenings. I do enjoy a clean house which i have no problem helpin out. I feel nomatter if u're thin,average or large every woman is beautiful in their own way. Now a little deeper n2 me as far as sex, don't like quickies,lots and long 4play is a must 4 me .I always try 2 keep it exciting and different. I believe if your gonna make time to do it don't rush and do it right,the more i can make u enjoy it the more i enjoy u.Ok thats out of the way i dont like drama i've had a past of the rough and tough life and life is ment 2 enjoy.The world is full of sadness and lots of drama so y do u have 2 deal with extra from the one u're surpose 2 b happy with.

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