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I'm adventurous and enjoy being places I've never been, especially places a person shouldn't venture.I'm wild, I'm crazy, I'm unpredictable, I'm outgoing and I'm open-minded more than anybody you know.
I'm always joking around, until you get me alone and I can be extremely down-to-earth and get into a really deep and sincere conversation, i have a flirtatious personality and I am very affectionate. I give random hugs and kisses all the time I'm a jerk sometimes, but it’s cool, it’s all for shits and giggles.I do not do drugs and don't intend to. I'm masculine and can be protective, but am a hopeless romantic as well. Shhhhh!I enjoy doing anything outdoors to get me moving that doesn't involve school and/or work. Basically if I work up a sweat you know I am enjoying myself.I like riding my bmx bike as often as I can anymore, but I definitely love doing it. Barely any time though :-(. I welcome a good conversation, meeting new people and building remote and local friendships. Anything u want to ask,,, feel free to message me on my messenger... naughty_hunk05@yahoo.com:)

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