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G’day Ladies,

Chase is my name, a silly fun loving bugger with 54 trips around the Sun. I am a semi retired professional Trade Show Magician,I perform Stage and Close-Up Magic for Fortune 500 companies all over the United States and the World.

I’m also a Private Attorney General. (Goggle it) I help people with foreclosures, criminal and civil rights cases free of charge, I don’t like banks, never have. I sure in the hell don’t like what the banks have done to America Families all across the Country. This foreclosure madness needs to stop...and moving along....

I love to camp, as a matter of fact if my show is close “Driving Range” I much rather pitch my tent on site than stay in a Motel room. Now you may think some of my Clients may have a problem with that, well you might just be surprised. Now being somewhat of a Madman, I invited them all over for a dinner and meeting one night and gave them the street address to what they thought was a motel. Should have seen the look on their faces when they pull up to the campsite…Now that was a Kodak moment!

Now my tent is a 20x20 4 element extreme. Inside there are all the comforts of home to include a computer workstation, King size Bed with 1200 count sheets, AC or heat as needed, running water and sink, stove, oven and Microwave with full electrical.

Outside there were two 8ft. tables with fold up chairs and a fine camp fire dinner waiting on them. Long story short, they signed a two year contract with me. One of my friend/boss would come out to the tent just to hide for a bit and relax during the shows. Now some of my mates even bring their own tents for the shows. Many a fine nite of telling tales and the swamping of lies with good food and friends, the Almighty has been good to me, my life is truly blessed. What more could a fellow ask for eh?

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