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I am a very laid-back lady, attractive , gorgeous , outdoor lady, humble, honest, faithful, pretty simple and purely natural. That is what i consider, but looking at it from what friends, colleagues, relatives and family would describe me is quite similar to what i've said already...they see me as a very lively, jovial, responsible, beautiful, (ps don't blush) and very hard to push around. My friends say that I am an ambitious and considerate woman. I know what want in my life and I always do my best to achieve every my goal. I am not a material woman and my intensions are serious and pure. Well, like the old saying goes, you can't tell a beauty from the outside, but inwardly. I have a big heart. Sometimes, weak when i am been used, dumped, ill-treated, frustrated and down-trodden...And sometimes, strong when i find peace, not only in myself but in the man that i love.

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