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what I write here is what I can do and who I am.
I am trustworthy, loyal, caring, secure, ambitious women. My birth certificate says I'm 38 but, I don't look like my age. I speak Korean, Chinese and English. I know how to take GOOD CARE of my husband's health and serve him healthy meal.
I like both hot and cold weather. I like both going out or staying in door. I can adjusted different people. I like the simple things in life, and even if I have plenty of money, I don’t live in fancy house and drive a fancy car, wear a fancy clothes and jewelry's. I’d rather spend more money on my education. I enjoy learning new things. My longterm dream is that one day I can publish a good religion book. I have a very strong sense of RIGHT and WRONG so,I don't do anything that I think is wrong. I don’t waste my money. I want someone who knows how to spend money. I can enjoy doing just about anything with my husband. However, not enjoy listening things don't amount much, that’s waste of my time. I HATE, HATE, HATE someone waste my time. Movie I love is “Casablanca". In your e-mail, you need to write what my favorite movie is so that again, I know you have read my profile.
My most important relationship is with God. I have been blessed by God so much!
I really believes that "Two are better than one." I am looking for the guy who responsible, fun ,loyal, mature, has a good sence of humor, has their own life and does not need me to fix them. I believe balance is the key to happiness, especially having kids. So, he must wants to have kids with me, Someone who supports my choice, especially when I insist. I would like to meet a man who hugs me with big chest and a strong arm, and who will cries with me when I cry, and Someone will treat me as a wife, also as his baby. In your e-mail, write me, how do I like to be treated so that again, I know you have read my profile. The answer is "baby", right? I want someone who I can talk to about what is going on in the world, about academy things, books, and everything. I want someone who like to teach me ANYTHING he knows about, so that make my life better. My style is that I let my husband control and decide the MOST of things. I have confident that make good money, AT LEAST I can take care of myself.
We can have differences. sometimes, because of that difference, we will be able to make happy and success family.
I will divorce soon.
The bad thing about me is “I’m too kind and too loyal.” And I DON'T HATE people.
If you are sincere, go ahead contact me. You will hear some unique things about me. If you want to play games with me, ”STOP”. If you don't get respond from me, later you will know why when you read my profile carefully. It's because you didn't write three things I ask you to write. I have a webcam. NOTE: It's not easy to take me to bed, so, if this is something you are looking for in this site, PLEASE DON'T BOTHER ME, AND I REALLY APPRECIATE FOR THAT.

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