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I am a nurturer. It brings me pleasure to do things for other people. It brings me pleasure to provide pleasure. It also brings me pleasure to be provided with pleasure in return, but not because I did it first. The person I am looking for would return the nurturing to me because they want to. Not because they feel required to, not because they need to return the favor, not because there is a score being kept. They would return it because it brings them as much pleasure to give as it gives me to give. A partnering relationship is not equal, cannot be 100 percent equal. It is always one or the other balancing each out. Each partner doing the best they can to shoulder what they can, because everyone has different emotional talents. Sometimes one leans then there are times the other partner does. I want a friend, a companion, a partner, an honest communicating unchildish adult of a mate to stand by me. I am earthy and romantic, loyal and consistent. I'm there when you need me and I expect the same loyalty in return. I don't give just a little, with me you get it all. I've raised my children, "done my time" and now it's adult time, time for me but I'm a one man woman and I'm not looking to play around or play games. Fidelity is a KEYWORD with me. I am extremely passionate and sensual. I'm very sexual and find sharing by body and mind with someone I care about to be the ultimate experience for me.

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