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My name is Danielle. The reason I am here is because I am looking for that special someone. I am not interested in fooling around or one night stands. I prefer to be friends first and know each other well before starting to date. I am looking for a guy like this: 50% sweet, 25% funny, 10% similar interests, 10% outgoing and 5% physically attractive.
My hobbies include going to see my friends play in their band (From Tomorrows), hangin out with my friends, and bowling.
I am goin to coosa valley and taking computer classes.
I work at kroger as a bagger.
I am 18 yrs old.
My favorite color is red, closely followed by black.
I am kind of punk, I love rock music and punk clothing.
Hmm.... idk what else to say so if u have any questions email me or myspace.com/misslisadanielle

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