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Wilmington, United States
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Right now i attend college in DE for animation, but have plans to switch to Illustration then attend another college somewhere else for Acting. And for random thoughts/facts:

I don't eat salad.

I make raptor noises.

I say hello to things that surprise me.

I have a phobia of bees/wasps.

I love Norse mythology.

Sometimes when i'm really, really happy or geeking out
i make weird click-y hiss-y noises.

I'm rather mag-pie like... i have a "shiny thing" i found on the ground(a little silver ball) and i put it in a tiny jar to carry it around.

I'm really-actually Pansexual.

I really enjoy playing videogames(rpgs and a couple shooters and some mmos), listening to music and watching TV/Going to the movies. :)

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