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I am looking for the second part of my heart, a beloved strong husband for me .I am a very purposeful woman, who knows what she wants. I am down-to-earth and ready for serious relationships and a family. If you talk to me you will understand that I am a very sociable and creative personality. I always try to find harmony in life and in relationships between people. I am an active person, who enjoys simple things in life
I would like to meet a man, who is not only handsome on the outside but also on the inside, I would like to meet a man, who has not only a lot of a self respect and self assurance, but also respect and love towards others even though he would enjoy being accepted and cheered up. And above all I like to meet a man who is capable of calmly discussions.
A man, who is willing to forgive quickly for senseless bursts of clash, kisses passionately and energetically with all his heart, loves extensively without boundaries, and laughs dearly with all his might. I would like to ask that: How do you want your partner to be? - What characteristic should she have? - What do you expect?

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